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The different uses of patches

The different uses of patches

Often when the word “patches” is said, our minds immediately jump to that school logo sewed on a student’s uniform or that badge adhered to a policeman’s sleeve. Often overlooked, the are not as insignificant as they appear to be. Of course, they are most commonly seen i uniforms of police officers and firefighters, but these badges can actually have different uses. In fact, they can also be used to show support and can sometimes serve as a fashion statement.custom-patches

Now, what are the uses of patches? They may be something you run over through whenever you iron your children’s uniforms but they can actually be of different uses. With these badges on uniforms, it is easier to determine a person’s occupation or standing and from where he or she is from. Not all schools in your city will have the same patch. One school’s design will differ from another, and it is easier to identify from where this student studies

However, their uses are not limited to that. Recently, there are numerous companies that offer different kinds of custom-made patches and different Patches Variety. As said before, they can be used to show support.

Do you believe or swear by a particular cause or organization? A patch can be embroidered for that. Several groups and causes all over the world have a patch of their own. It helps spread awareness and invite some possible supporters to jump in. And this is not only limited to organizations worldwide. Clubs in schools and colleges may even have a patch of their own.

A big fan of a TV show or movie? Chances are you will be able to find a patch among their merchandise list. It can also be a great conversation starter in case you decide to sew it on to your bag.

These little badges can also spice up a simple outfit or bag, making it also a fashion statement if done right. You can use them as they are or let’s say there is a hole in one of your shirts and you just don’t want to have the same old shirt.Stitching up a patch can give the shirt a makeover without exerting much effort.

Some souvenir shops all over the world may even have patches of a historical place in their country. If collecting memorabilia from your travels is your thing, these patches may be a good buy to remember the trip.

PatchesThere are also badges that have quirky designs and quotes on them, and placing them on your bag can be an instant pick-me-up. Or they can just serve as a design for the bag or any other item you wish to stick them to and can be another great conversation starter.

There is also a hobby called patch-collecting that go back to ancient times. Greeks and Romans a thousand years ago had miniature images of the gods they worship on their shrines.

But a patch does not only have to be of personal use. Getting one for a friend or family member can serve as an inexpensive gift without making it seem that barely any effort was made in getting it. This way, the gift is more personalized and not just something that you got from the store. It is unique and mirrors the receiver more than some of the other present you can purchase.

They can also be easy to apply. There are ones that can be ironed on while others may require sewing. However, some of them may even have Velcro as its backing, making it all the more easier to just put it on whichever surface you desire and continue on.